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my SPX haul!

So hey, here's a quick SPX roundup post! Quite late, but I lingered in Bethesda an extra day and then nearly immediately headed up to Maine for my best friend's wedding (and extended activities), so ... what can you do. :) But oh man, I had a fantastic time at the show. Check out my haul, above! Mostly trades, plus a few extremely worthwhile purchases, hooray.

Hereby hangs a ramble. )

Hee, sorry, I feel like I don't have the time to be concise right now, if that makes any sense at all. (Honestly, that's how it is.) I have books and such to prep, because this coming weekend I'm back behind the table for another Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo; my first convention and always a favorite! If you're in the Boston area you should really come check it out. I'll have copies of Queerotica (hurry, that first printing's going fast!), as well as Asylum, Tiny Dynamo: DEMOS, my Heartburn anthology (which may go permanently out of print when I sell my stock), and Fruitless. And I'll be tabling completely on my own for the very first time!

News about upcoming projects, as well as online sales for both Queerotica and my solo work, coming soon! In the meantime, as this is also wedding season, apparently ... here's an invitation I designed for my other closest friend, who's getting married soon as well! I don't do this sort of illustration work often, and I'm rather proud of it. )
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a pile of tiny dynamos, fresh off the presses!

Um, so hello! I apologize for once again disappearing for so long ... finishing school is always a very disorienting experience, and I've needed time to recuperate, reorient, and relocate. However, I've managed to keep up my art-making momentum, which is great. So I'm not empty-handed by any means, as you can see!

The above is a pile of my newest (and physically tiniest - it's CD booklet size!) minicomic, Tiny Dynamo: DEMOS, which will debut THIS WEEKEND at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. It collects a couple of short, fluffy stories about an all-queer rock band that I've been playing around with in the background for awhile. These are introductory tales: there are many more stories to tell about the TD queers (some of them rather more serious), and I think I'll bring them out intermittently as a break from my more concentrated projects.

Here are a couple preview pages and such! )

I'm excited for the convention weekend! It's a gigantic cartoonist convergence/family reunion sort of deal, with most of the people I know in the field all in one place ... including most of my former schoolmates (who I already miss dearly), several CCS faculty members, and even old friends like my much-beloved Elle Skinner. I'll be tabling with my talented former classmate Joyana McDiarmid!Come find us at table K4B if you're coming! )

This is especially exciting because I have ANOTHER fantastic debut to announce ... for the last year plus, several of my classmates and I have been working hard to organize, edit, and publish an anthology of smart, gorgeous, varied QUEER EROTIC COMICS, and it's finally time for us to share it with the world. I've mostly kept my Adult materials off this blog thus far, but guys, I am so proud of this thing: The Queerotica Anthology! Erotica, people: don't click if that's not your thing. ;) )

If you're local to the Boston area, you can also find me, and these books, at MICE in Cambridge in a couple weeks! (I'll try and post a reminder!) And that's it for conventions for me this year ... I'm ready to take a breath and get focused on my longer-term plans, which are mostly focused on turning Asylum into an ongoing, long-term online graphic novel ... so stay tuned.

I'll leave you with a few odds and ends that I drew this summer. Oof, I have to stop doing these giant round-up posts, right? For one thing, those of you who follow me elsewhere must find it very redundant.

A couple illustrations (one contains bare breasts) and a ... restaurant review? )
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three panels; Ash eats near the mirror where a nun is reflected, looks up shocked at her own reflection, and turns back to her food, troubled

Just a little update today. I'm on the home stretch with my thesis project (and only beginning the journey of this book, which has a title now: Asylum, as in seeking) ... and probably I'll wait to share more peeks at it until things are handed in.

However! Today we hung an art show of CCS student work at the Hotel Coolidge in downtown White River Junction (if you're in the area for some reason, come check it out!), and for that I needed to finish a two-page spread from the second chapter a little head of schedule. I can't resist posting this thing.

Welcome to the marketplace. )

Also, while most of my life plans are severely up in the air at present (CCS commencement is on May 18: after that ... we'll see), I'm starting to compile a 2013 convention schedule! Keeping it relatively light this year, given all the upheaval I'm expecting, but still quite excited about it. I'll be tabling with the indomitable Betsey Swardlick at MECAF in Portland, Maine on May 19! A super fun show, right on gorgeous Casco Bay, with some amazing guests lined up this year ... and I'll be debuting minicomic versions of the first two chapters of Asylum. :)

I'm hoping to attend CAKE in Chicago on June 15 & 16, but things are a little up in the air, so I'll update on that later. And I've just submitted my application to MICE (September 28-29, Cambridge, Mass), so we'll see about that as well! However, I will be tabling at SPX in Bethesda on September 14 & 15, with my deeply talented classmate Joyana McDiarmid and the Queerotica Anthology! By which point I hope to be debuting at least the third chapter of Asylum, although we'll see.

It's an exciting year any way you cut it! I must get back to my pencils, but here are a couple of miscellaneous little strips I've doodled of late! )

I hope you're enjoying spring (if you're in this hemisphere)! It's a beautiful sunny day in Vermont today (which, contrary to the opinions of some of my colleagues, is what I would call perfect cartooning weather). And hey, maybe keep my former city in your thoughts, as well as the other places in the world that are experiencing such trauma and destruction this week ... I remain shaken by the bombing at the Boston Marathon, grateful that my own friends are safe and sound, and sad and angry on behalf of a place I love and the people who are suffering there.
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a black girl in a tank top and underpants and a white angel in a robe both fall out of the sky on opposite sides of 'Tumbling Down: a patchwork thesis project featuring two gravitationally challenged young ladies'

Talk about inconsistent posting, I know! But, today, I am giving my thesis presentation, which in my mind really kicks off the senior thesis portion of my grad school career. I don't much like public speaking, but I can't say how much I'm looking forward to that opportunity to focus. (Although, to prevent myself from focusing too hard and getting stuck, I'll be attempting to alternate between the two rather different flavors of storytelling referenced above - from eerie dream-inspired exploration into the unknown to goofy interpersonal antics with a Heavenly twist, and back.)

Some more thesis talk and a few goofy illustrations from the slide show. )

I'm incredibly excited to sink my teeth into all this now that I have a proper plan, and I'm intending to leave here with two major stories well underway ... carrying me out into post-school life with a good store of momentum. I hope!

Here are a mishmash of conceptual sketches for Ash's (still untitled) story, to give a taste of what a lot of future posts are likely to consist of ...

a girl wanders through a room of huge pillars of what appear to be drawers, stretching away out of the frame

Another setting & preliminary character brainstorming ... )
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a photo of 24 spread-out pages of comics, some inked and some just penciled

Whew, hello there. It has been a long month (as you can see).

Final projects for CCS first-years are due tomorrow morning! I'm just gathering my energy to print my books off and assemble them. Not entirely to my surprise ... the version of the chapter I'm handing in won't be fully complete in every respect: only seven of the twenty-four pages have been inked. I'm still really pleased with the book, mind, and I think this is worth it: I've refused to cut corners on the quality of the art (or the writing, to the best of my ability), and the versions I put up for sale online and at upcoming conventions will truly be my best work. Plus my pencils are, as people frequently tell me, kind of exhaustive (and readable).

Comics take a really long time to make, particularly considering how quick they can be to read. I may have mentioned before!

Have a preview page from early in the book )

That said, I will be debuting a minicomic at MoCCA this weekend! (I'm excited; this qualifies as my first big convention!) It's a mini-anthology of my work: "The Swamp Bride," "A.I.♥.U.," a couple of my best Turtle Soup strips from last semester, and a seven-page preview of "Goodness Knows: Chapter One." The cover might look a bit familiar:

a rueful angel in a tank top, skirt and striped tights is falling downwards, with a word balloon of the title 'So That Happened: A Comic Sampler

If there's any chance you're going to be at MoCCA Fest, please drop by and say hello! I'll have my books at Table M8, the Center for Cartoon Studies table, and I'll be on duty there myself Saturday from 11-1 and Sunday from 5-6. I'll probably be around more than that, too. There's so much amazing material coming out of my school right now; you definitely won't be sorry you stopped by.

This is a slightly rambly, content-light sort of post, so let me leave you with a random comic strip starring Luce and Mickey: my puzzle's missing a piece. )

More Goodness Knows talk & pages when I'm back, done inking, and have rested a bit! Mwah.
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Halloween costumes!

So this was kind of the weirdest Halloween ever. Growing up, I remember getting a dusting of snow around this time of year once or twice, but nothing like ... stepping outside the American Legion building in White River Junction for a breather during the Dust Ball and watching the world filling with white. We were really fortunate up here; back home in Western Massachusetts, some of my friends are still without heat or electricity (my parents just got theirs back today) ... courtesy of huge amounts of unseasonable wet snow being dumped on leaf-laden branches. Which was clearly entirely awful. :( Here in Vermont, the few inches we got just made things a little extra weird.

Actually, it was pretty fabulous time; toonies know how to do the holiday right, and the costumes were all amazing. I was pretty proud of mine. )

Here are a few more odds and ends for you! We're working on some longer comic projects at the moment, so content here's probably going to slow down again while I'm focused on producing all that. However.

POW! romance.

We were assigned to draw a romance comic cover in the style of various decades; mine was the 1970s. I wanted to do something a little ... different, while still fitting the rather skewed sort of style employed by the genre at the time.

Here's a little process talk about that. )

Also, one more quick oddity: last week we put together some composite creatures )

Well, that's all she drew for now! Practically a drive-by sort of post. I need to go play with androids, fifties hairstyles, swords and swamp creatures ... it's an odd balance of stress and sheer fun around these parts.
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with apologies to Winsor McCay

Diary comic for this week! I'm going to try and keep these pretty simple for awhile, as we've just been assigned our big end-of-semester project, which is a doozy. Anyway, bizarre dream I had a few nights ago! The title (suggested by my friend Joyana) and final panel reference Winsor McCay's brilliant, classic, often-disturbing early 20th century comic strip, Dream of the Rarebit Fiend. The people teaching the class are my friend Dave (one of our seniors), and Mrs. Patmore, the cook from Downton Abbey (a British period drama I've watched a lot of recently).

I have a couple more homework assignments to share, in the interests of keeping these posts smaller (and more frequent)!

We've been doing a number of design-oriented projects lately, including a concert flyer. )

Inspired by one of Tezuka's techniques, we were also challenged to express a moment of intense emotion visually, using abstracts, patterns, and emanata (those little symbols cartoonists use as visual shorthand for various things, like surprise lines emanating out from a person's head, or bubbles for a drunk, speed lines, and so forth). I tend to be a pretty direct, representational artist, so this was a challenge, but I had fun with it. Please note: some of this imagery is rather visceral. )

On a somewhat different note, it's Halloween week! My favorite holiday, and a big damn deal around these parts, as you might imagine. I have a rather simple but eminently cartoony costume planned, which I look forward to sharing later! The town of White River Junction hosts a huge seasonal shindig this Saturday, with a festival (including such things as a haunted house, bellydancing and a monster petting zoo), followed by a parade and a dance at the American Legion hall.

CCS is providing decorations for said dance!

classmates painting monsters

We had an awesome evening drawing various monsters and ghoulies, using the projector to blow them up and trace them on huge pieces of paper, and painting over those outlines. Here are a couple examples of first designs and finished paintings. )

I should probably try to catch up on some sleep while I have a chance. Coming up soon: a 1970s romance comic cover with some, ah, punch, composite creatures, and more ... I love this school.
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They don't call the first year "CCS bootcamp" for no reason! What follows is quite a sizeable art dump, for which I apologize. The last few weeks have really gotten away from me - I haven't even managed to cook for myself, for the most part! But the faculty seem to have taken pity this week, and hopefully it'll be a bit easier to get a handle on things ... ride the wave instead of getting crashed around by it.

I climbed a mountain and fell off a small rock.

Last week, my class took a trip up Mt. Ascutney (the mountain we'd previously been sketching from a poet's back yard), so this diary comic is a sequel to the previous one. It's a little less ... deep, but I like the way it kind of inverts the first one: from the sublime to the ridiculous. (I remain amused that I sat that close to a precipice--though there were a few big ledges just below me, I couldn't have fallen far--and then managed to fall off a small rock.)

You might recall that, some weeks back, I mentioned the facebook project my class was working on together. Each student had to screenprint a portrait of some kind, and draw a bio for the facing page. Behold, my first attempt at screenprinting. )

During the very end of September, CCS played host to the International Comic Arts Forum, an international academic conference, which was a pretty fascinating experience. (There's a write-up over at the Schulz Library Blog.) I discovered that I'm definitely still, in some sense, an academic; still inclined to analyze as well as enjoy (and create) stories, and ... somewhat frustrated when a presentation doesn't draw a conclusion from its material. There were some really fascinating talks; the panel on Race and Class was perhaps my favorite, although CCS senior Kate Moody's talk on the so-called "death of print" was particularly scintillating as well.

We also held a sort of miniature, all-CCS convention during the conference, where my classmates and visiting alums set up tables to sell our work to each other and attendees. I tabled with four of my classmates. )I was thrilled to finally have the chance to check out what the second-years have been doing (we have precious little chance to bug them about it these days!), and it makes me wish I could fit minicomic reviews into my schedule, because seriously, my school is full of amazing people and you should read their stuff. Maybe I'll do some in celebration of winter break; I can't promise.

Also, this happened:

do I not look like me?

Conventions do always involve rather interesting conversations and feedback! It got me thinking a bit about the nature of autobiographical comics ... how if you do them for long enough (even when you're taking distinctly non-serious, episodic approach, as I generally do), the "you" on paper becomes a character just slightly distinct from the person you are in real life. (It also made me think that I need to start taking more care not to draw myself in t-shirts all the time. I'm given to wearing a lot of collared shirts and neckties, and that fedora is becoming sort of a signature accessory.)

Exhausting as ICAF was (as a CCS staff member, I worked for much of those three days, when I wasn't tabling), I was grateful for the homework assignment we had that weekend. My artwork is ... a little intricate? While I've certainly grown faster even in the short time I've been here, my process is time-consuming and meticulous, and often results in very very late nights (which I enjoy, but pay for later). That week, however, we were assigned a short comic on a "journey" theme, using Ed Emberley's Make A World.

In which I play with stick figures. )

More recently, I managed to more or less drive myself into the ground with our latest project, all due to my still absurdly slow process, a bad stretch of art block (school does not allow for this!), and a little bit of life outside of school (I do kind of want to have one). That project deserves its own post, once I've reworked the cover, but I do have a little bit of non-schoolwork to share as well ...

This past weekend, a very dear friend of mine got married back home in Western Massachusetts, and I was lucky enough to attend. I wanted to make a personal gift for the couple, which isn't something I've ever really done before. Fortunately, we had recently learned a little bookbinding, and they happen to have a highly comickable inside joke! My friend is a devoted fan of The Wrath of Khan; her wife, on the other hand, is not quite a Star Trek fan. My friend's wife has famously given many hilariously incorrect recitations of the plot of this movie, which she's sat through numerous times. I drew four comics based on these retellings and bound them into a book; this one is probably my favorite. )

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in the height of New England fall, and everything turned out about as close to perfect as I can really imagine. There was, however, a tense moment; the day before was very rainy, and the area of the lawn where the ceremony was supposed to be held was briefly flooded. (The spot they used instead was gorgeous!) My friend posted some very picturesque images of her feet immersed in water, and I was hit with this nagging inspiration to draw a fantastical bride standing in a pool of water.

It's nice to have a little artistic energy back! (Last week was kind of terrible.) This wound up becoming much more creepy than ethereal in execution, which I blame on the season:

she does.

It looks like the cover for something, doesn't it? Hmmm. (Clearly this image has absolutely nothing to do with any real-life events or people, although I do find myself working marriage into various project ideas right now; it was an inspiring celebration.) I don't have a story right now, but you never know.

I'd better stop bombarding you now, but I'll be back soon with a thoroughly un-fantastical adaptation of one of Aesop's fables, because apparently I'm contrary like that. COMICS.
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Hello, my long-neglected blog! It's been something like forever since I wrote, and so many things have happened in that time. Most importantly: I've moved to Vermont and started classes at The Center For Cartoon Studies. Here's a picture of most of my classmates:

CCS Class of 2013 in front of the Colodny

There was a dinosaur approaching.

I am having a fabulous time, although things are already so busy that I can hardly breathe, or mess around on the internet. Homework! Conventions and conferences! Socializing with an entire community of other cartoonists! It's enough to keep your head spinning.

Speaking of conventions and conferences, I'm planning to attend MICE in Cambridge, Mass on September 24! I'll be hanging out at the CCS table at some point during the day (schedule update when I have it), so feel free to come by and say hello! Both Fruitless and the Turtle Soup minicomic will be available. (I'm sorry for the lack of etsy as of yet; the post office is a little hard to get to here, and I want to make sure I'm all set up to get things sent out before I start trying to do it!)

But hey, this blog is mostly for art, huh? Well, fortunately, I have plenty of that. Doodles and classwork, check it out.

my friend the interruption

Further doodles, ahoy! )

Turtle Soup Special Edition: Once and Future )

Silly character design exercise! )

Wow, all right, sorry for dumping so much material on you all at once! I should post more often so that I can space it out better.

There's an awful lot more I could say about the content of my classes, but I'll save that for next time. I should get some sleep; I did stay up ridiculously late working on that diary comic.
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train tracks in White River Junction

So, six years after my internship, I'm getting ready to return to White River Junction at last. It's kind of funny, now that I'm a month and a half out from my first actual class as a CCS student ... I've had this plan for so long that the idea of actually doing it is weird! My friend Amelia and I drove up last weekend to check out my brand new apartment (which I'll be sharing with kickass new classmate April) and have lunch with a whole pack of fantastic cartoonists.

Every once in awhile I briefly wonder if I should be throwing all my money at a two-year stint of studying comic-making in the middle of Vermont. Briefly. But just having the opportunity to spend two years focusing on learning to tell visual stories better would be basically priceless in and of itself, and I also get to learn with a diverse and talented group who love the medium as much as I do. Among other things, I really should have cause to update this blog a whole lot more!

A few more Cartoonland photos )

So everything's coming together ... soon. Sadly I haven't really been producing much that I can post here in the interim, but! Here's something I'm pleased with:

sharing magic

My friend Andrea is writing a novel I'm ridiculously excited for, full of magic and underworldly demons and fascinating female characters. (A cast full of women, if you can believe in such a thing! Sigh.) The anticipation is such that I felt compelled to visualize the last tiny excerpt she teased me with, and this was the result. This is my favorite kind of subject matter to draw, and it has been a ridiculously long time since I did anything like it.

I believe I've mentioned, but: fun as it is drawing silly diary comics and the like, I want to get back to fiction; preferably long-form. And I'll never stop loving fantastical themes and settings, no matter how many insightful, unassuming slice-of-life graphic novels I read and admire.

Plus, I love Andrea's fiction, and I really can't wait until it's out there where I can recommend it to the rest of the world. I am awfully privileged to have such talented friends. (Also, I should note that the characters above are the same ones being referred to in this strip. ;))

As for my stint as graphic diarist, well, the Turtle Soup minicomics should have been ready by now, but I'm having some printer issues. I hope to finally have them in my hands within a week or two!
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robot & snowman wish you a happy winter

Happy Solstice, my lovelies! Whichever holiday you celebrate around this time of year - or even if you don't at all - I hope you have warmth and light and good company. (Even if you're in the hemisphere where the first two aren't so lacking, right now.) ♥

It's been a momentous year for me, and the next will hopefully be even better; I have all sorts of projects planned for the first half of the year, and then it's off to the Center for Cartoon Studies in the fall. I'm looking forward to sharing everything here.

Fruitless coverIn the meantime, I'm happy to announce that my first minicomic, "Fruitless," is now available at two fine Boston-area comic shops: Hub Comics in Union Square, Somerville, and The Million Year Picnic in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Both shops have been very good to me over the years; the Hub is a second home to me these days, and MYP was a wonderful source for me as a tiny kid, just discovering comics for the first time. I encourage you to support them, if you're around here!

However, for those of you who are not, I do plan to make "Fruitless" available online, probably in the next week or so. It should be joined in all these locations (and perhaps more) by the "Turtle Soup" minicomic, probably by the end of January at the latest.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my faltering efforts over the last few years. ♥ From in-depth critique to little comments of acknowledgment and enthusiasm ... I appreciate it all so much.
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The holiday season has started to swallow me whole! Fortunately, there's some art involved in all that.

The wonderful Hub Comics in Union Square, Somerville is holding their second-annual "Dark Knight on the Darkest Night" gallery, opening this coming Saturday. It's a display of work by local artists, all centered around a Batman/Gotham theme. :) The show was incredible last year! If you're around these parts, you should check it out (the art will be up for some time after the opening, naturally).

I felt that, this year, it was incumbent on me to bring the lesbians (who have, in my highly biased opinion, been the best thing about the whole Bat-family-verse recently). Here's a sneak peek at my contributions:

hero worship!

ask me ask me ask me

See them in person at the store! Somerville has a lot of really amazing (comic) artists, so it should be worth a look.

Plus ... there's a good chance that my minicomic, "Fruitless," will go on sale at a few local shops this weekend. :) (An announcement will be made, if so.) I think it may take me until my (fortunately substantial) holiday break to get the etsy shop all set up, but that's coming too! A bit of a personal milestone (and learning experience - already), and I'd be thrilled to have you share it with me.
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Hmmm, so much for that plan - I announce that I'm going to start making regular weekly blog posts, and then completely disappear instead! My apologies, folks. I took on a number of deadlined projects for the next couple of weeks, and between those and the Thanksgiving holiday, I've had less time than ever.

I'm really starting to learn what it's like to do comics/art like a second job, at least in terms of production. (One day, perhaps I'll also get paid!) I need to learn to also space projects out a bit better. At this point, I think regular recommendation/link posts will commence beginning with the new year.

In the meantime, if you're local to or visiting the Boston area this holiday season, I encourage you to check out one of the many fantastic holiday fairs in our area. The Boston Comics Roundtable plans to attend three of them. I won't be there personally (except perhaps as a shopper), but if you stop by our table, we'll be selling Inbound 5: The Food Issue, holiday minicomics packets (including my very first effort, "Fruitless") and a variety of other treats. There may even be comic strip wrapping paper!

"Fruitless," which is the my robot/snowman CCS application comic, will also be available at local comic shops and online fairly soon; I'll post some information then. :)

I'm not sure about the status of the comic strip wrapping paper, but I thought I'd share my contribution to the project. It comes from an old, rejected holiday card idea of mine (it just wasn't quite inclusive enough for that), and features characters from what I hope will be my first long-form comic project, Goodness Knows.

Luce almost falls out of a Christmas tree

(Oddly enough, she is.)
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Inbound 5 cover Turtle dancin'

So hey, if you happen to be kicking around the Boston area this weekend, feel free to stop by the Atomic Bean Cafe in Cambridge (halfway down Mass Ave between Harvard & Central Squares), grab a hot drink, and check out some original artwork! We're having a release party from 7-9 pm for Inbound 5: The Food Issue, with books for sale and artists milling around. Should be a fun time! I'll have two of my own original pages on display; come marvel at how destroyed my eyes & back will be in a few years. (Apparently I draw very, very small.) I'd love to see you there!

I'm super excited to head home to Western Mass after that, for Webcomics Weekend. Also, the Turtle mini is coming together nicely; at this point, I hope to have it printed & ready to go in December (just to be safe). I figured out most of the layout last night!

Before I wrap this up - lately I've spent quite a bit of time wading through arguments on the internet. It's kind of funny that I so rarely make comics about social issues, given how important they are to me, but maybe I just wear myself out before I can get near my pencils. The dust-up over Kate Beaton's comments on sexism and female creators is old news by internet standards, but this comic by Gabby Shulz/Ken Dahl on the topic is well worth checking out. (His site is down as of this posting, but I hope it'll be back up soon!) Also, more recently, there's the case of deviantART and the binary gender selection requirement. There appear to be some efforts to fix the issue now, but I've been less and less enamored of the place lately anyway (and this isn't the only example of support problems I've come across, either), so I'm not sure if I'll be keeping my account there much longer.
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smoke exaggerated for dramatic effect
just calling to let you know we're not on fire!

Since the strip's so huge, extra blather goes under the cut! )

By the way, if you're reading this and you're local to the Boston area, the Boston Comics Roundtable is planning a release party/gallery opening for Inbound 5: The Food issue on November 5 (7-9 pm) at the Atomic Bean cafe in Cambridge! I should have a couple pages from my submission up. Would be thrilled if you dropped by. :)

Inbound 5 got quite a thoughtful review at this dude's blog. He was kind enough to take a little time on each and every submission, making it my first review ever! Pretty nifty.
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So hey, check it out:


true romance

A couple of little excerpts from my CCS application comic; all complete except for the cover! (I have to think of a title before I can make that, and I'm having unusual amounts of difficulty.) It's very different from any of my previous work in terms of subject matter. The assignment called for "[a] minimum two-page comic story starring yourself, a snowman, a robot, the ocean, an animal, and a piece of fruit." Mine worked out to nine pages, set on a frozen ocean in an apparently peaceful post-apocalyptic world ... and as you can see, involves a snowman/robot romance. I had a blast making it (though it's taken weeks of near-hibernation to accomplish), and I'm thinking of printing it up and distributing it as a very short minicomic.

I'm currently working on some last bits of Turtle, in hopes that I'll be able to get that mini together very soon as well - should be posting some more comics by the end of the week, I hope! Also, I recently bought a ticket to New England Webcomics Weekend, which happens to be located practically in my parents' backyard this year. I won't be exhibiting, obviously, but maybe I'll actually have some work to trade; and if not, I'm psyched to see some of my favorite young and web-savvy cartoonists in person. The guest list is seriously incredible.

Lots of inking left to do, but in belated honor of National Coming Out Day, here's an illustration I've been working on here and there: onstage flirtation! )
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Hey, sorry for vanishing again - I'm working hard on my application comic for the Center for Cartoon Studies (at very long last), so that's taking precedence at the moment. Things may get a little choppier around here in general, as I wrap up my Turtle mini and decide what to work on next. ;)

Meanwhile, if you're in my area at all, Boston is having its very first indie comics convention tomorrow: the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE). I am super excited, as this will be the first comics convention I have ever attended (not counting my alma mater's tiny scifi/fantasy/anime/comics con). There will be some really fantastic creators showing off their work, and some nifty panels too! I won't be exhibiting, but I believe that the Boston Comics Roundtable will be premiering the Inbound 5 anthology there, including five pages by yours truly. (I haven't heard officially, but I know they were hoping to do so!) It should be a really fabulous time.


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