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my SPX haul!

So hey, here's a quick SPX roundup post! Quite late, but I lingered in Bethesda an extra day and then nearly immediately headed up to Maine for my best friend's wedding (and extended activities), so ... what can you do. :) But oh man, I had a fantastic time at the show. Check out my haul, above! Mostly trades, plus a few extremely worthwhile purchases, hooray.

Hereby hangs a ramble. )

Hee, sorry, I feel like I don't have the time to be concise right now, if that makes any sense at all. (Honestly, that's how it is.) I have books and such to prep, because this coming weekend I'm back behind the table for another Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo; my first convention and always a favorite! If you're in the Boston area you should really come check it out. I'll have copies of Queerotica (hurry, that first printing's going fast!), as well as Asylum, Tiny Dynamo: DEMOS, my Heartburn anthology (which may go permanently out of print when I sell my stock), and Fruitless. And I'll be tabling completely on my own for the very first time!

News about upcoming projects, as well as online sales for both Queerotica and my solo work, coming soon! In the meantime, as this is also wedding season, apparently ... here's an invitation I designed for my other closest friend, who's getting married soon as well! I don't do this sort of illustration work often, and I'm rather proud of it. )
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a pile of tiny dynamos, fresh off the presses!

Um, so hello! I apologize for once again disappearing for so long ... finishing school is always a very disorienting experience, and I've needed time to recuperate, reorient, and relocate. However, I've managed to keep up my art-making momentum, which is great. So I'm not empty-handed by any means, as you can see!

The above is a pile of my newest (and physically tiniest - it's CD booklet size!) minicomic, Tiny Dynamo: DEMOS, which will debut THIS WEEKEND at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. It collects a couple of short, fluffy stories about an all-queer rock band that I've been playing around with in the background for awhile. These are introductory tales: there are many more stories to tell about the TD queers (some of them rather more serious), and I think I'll bring them out intermittently as a break from my more concentrated projects.

Here are a couple preview pages and such! )

I'm excited for the convention weekend! It's a gigantic cartoonist convergence/family reunion sort of deal, with most of the people I know in the field all in one place ... including most of my former schoolmates (who I already miss dearly), several CCS faculty members, and even old friends like my much-beloved Elle Skinner. I'll be tabling with my talented former classmate Joyana McDiarmid!Come find us at table K4B if you're coming! )

This is especially exciting because I have ANOTHER fantastic debut to announce ... for the last year plus, several of my classmates and I have been working hard to organize, edit, and publish an anthology of smart, gorgeous, varied QUEER EROTIC COMICS, and it's finally time for us to share it with the world. I've mostly kept my Adult materials off this blog thus far, but guys, I am so proud of this thing: The Queerotica Anthology! Erotica, people: don't click if that's not your thing. ;) )

If you're local to the Boston area, you can also find me, and these books, at MICE in Cambridge in a couple weeks! (I'll try and post a reminder!) And that's it for conventions for me this year ... I'm ready to take a breath and get focused on my longer-term plans, which are mostly focused on turning Asylum into an ongoing, long-term online graphic novel ... so stay tuned.

I'll leave you with a few odds and ends that I drew this summer. Oof, I have to stop doing these giant round-up posts, right? For one thing, those of you who follow me elsewhere must find it very redundant.

A couple illustrations (one contains bare breasts) and a ... restaurant review? )
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Inbound 5 cover Turtle dancin'

So hey, if you happen to be kicking around the Boston area this weekend, feel free to stop by the Atomic Bean Cafe in Cambridge (halfway down Mass Ave between Harvard & Central Squares), grab a hot drink, and check out some original artwork! We're having a release party from 7-9 pm for Inbound 5: The Food Issue, with books for sale and artists milling around. Should be a fun time! I'll have two of my own original pages on display; come marvel at how destroyed my eyes & back will be in a few years. (Apparently I draw very, very small.) I'd love to see you there!

I'm super excited to head home to Western Mass after that, for Webcomics Weekend. Also, the Turtle mini is coming together nicely; at this point, I hope to have it printed & ready to go in December (just to be safe). I figured out most of the layout last night!

Before I wrap this up - lately I've spent quite a bit of time wading through arguments on the internet. It's kind of funny that I so rarely make comics about social issues, given how important they are to me, but maybe I just wear myself out before I can get near my pencils. The dust-up over Kate Beaton's comments on sexism and female creators is old news by internet standards, but this comic by Gabby Shulz/Ken Dahl on the topic is well worth checking out. (His site is down as of this posting, but I hope it'll be back up soon!) Also, more recently, there's the case of deviantART and the binary gender selection requirement. There appear to be some efforts to fix the issue now, but I've been less and less enamored of the place lately anyway (and this isn't the only example of support problems I've come across, either), so I'm not sure if I'll be keeping my account there much longer.
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Hey kids! So it looks like Boston Comics Roundtable's Inbound 5 anthology (the food issue) is now available online. Features five pages of goofy noodle hijinks by yours truly, as well as a plethora of great work by other local cartoonists. (I met a whole bunch of them last week, and they are pretty rad! Having read their work, I was not surprised.)

If, however, you're local to the Boston area yourself, please consider patronizing one of our fantastic local comic shops - of which there are many. My own most local of shops, Hub Comics, just happens to be having an enormous sale this weekend. I'm not sure if they'll have the anthology in stock yet, but drop in anyway and pick up that graphic novel you've been meaning to add to your library! (I finally have copies of Maus, to my great relief. I don't think I've read it since high school!)

Seriously, they've had kind of a rough year, and they really deserve some support. Hub is one of the friendliest comic shops I've ever stepped into (which is saying something; I have a knack for finding good ones). They not only have a huge selection of quality sequential art; they're a community, well, hub (and practically my home not-so-far-away from home at this point). And they have an adorable dog. What more can you want?

Since I'm on the subject of selling you things ... I'm planning to have my first couple minicomics done and ready to go within about a month. I have a list of great stores I'm hoping to send them to, and I may start looking into conventions for next year(?!), but I'm pondering setting up an etsy store as well. None of the cartoonists I know personally use this method, but I've seen minis for sale there before. If anyone had thoughts (think this would/n't work? would/n't like the opportunity to give me money? etc), please share? ♥

Sorry for the huge artless post! The next one will at least include doodles or teaser panels, I promise.
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Hey, sorry for vanishing again - I'm working hard on my application comic for the Center for Cartoon Studies (at very long last), so that's taking precedence at the moment. Things may get a little choppier around here in general, as I wrap up my Turtle mini and decide what to work on next. ;)

Meanwhile, if you're in my area at all, Boston is having its very first indie comics convention tomorrow: the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE). I am super excited, as this will be the first comics convention I have ever attended (not counting my alma mater's tiny scifi/fantasy/anime/comics con). There will be some really fantastic creators showing off their work, and some nifty panels too! I won't be exhibiting, but I believe that the Boston Comics Roundtable will be premiering the Inbound 5 anthology there, including five pages by yours truly. (I haven't heard officially, but I know they were hoping to do so!) It should be a really fabulous time.
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So first of all, remember that anthology submission I posted about in July? Today I found out that I got in, which is pretty awesome. It's called Inbound 5, the fifth volume of a biannual publication put out by the Boston Comics Roundtable. I'm told it'll probably be out by the end of the month. :)

Anyway, here's a new Turtle strip (getting really close to filling out that mini, now!):

run for your lives!

A little more blather than usual. )
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Sorry for the long silence! I had to take a break from Turtle (and other postable comics/art) to work on a couple other projects, including a five-page anthology submission. Here's a preview for that, while I'm waiting to hear if I got in:

noodle comic preview

Also, I've been feeling pretty irked by DC's (no doubt entirely doomed, short-term) Wonder Woman revamp, but I haven't really managed to put it together coherently enough to post. (I will say that it's less about the costume--although the costume reminds me of mid-nineties X-books, in a bad way--than about the dismantling of the character's entire history/meaning, not to mention her relationship with her mother and culture. Ugh.)

In lieu of articulate, well-reasoned thoughts, I bring you the throwaway gag I doodled while waiting for the fireworks to start this past Sunday:

Behold, the new Wonder Woman. )

Back to Turtle soon. :)


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