turtlesoup: a goofy-looking alien with tentacles in a newsboy hat over its space helmet, exclaiming MAMMARIES (alien creeper)

Queer Thrills #1: “Smash & Grab”

For your reading pleasure: a goofy erotic comic about a sexy mad scientist lady and a suspiciously over-enthusiastic genderqueer superhero, which debuted in print at MICE 2014! Contains BDSM themes, including bondage and mild consent play/teasing. This content is EXPLICITLY SEXUAL in nature; definitely not safe for work! Please proceed at your own risk.

Also on Tumblr: Part One and Part Two

No real laboratory equipment or robots were harmed in the creation of this erotica. )

Drawing this was some of the most fun I had all year, so I very much hope you enjoy! I’m hoping to bring back the Queer Thrills title on occasion (probably every fall?) with more queer, speculative fiction-themed one-shot erotic comics. Stay tuned. ;)


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