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New Year, new sheepish blog apology! Learning to juggle a regular web presence with the rest of my life and tasks is definitely an unmet goal. Not a resolution, per say … I prefer to make January an occasion for a reaffirmation, of sorts, of more personal aspirations. As you can see. (Also, here. The holiday card that I totally failed to send out to half of my recipient list, again. Fie. Maybe I’ll send a few out at random through the year to surprise people!)
a woman hovers above the snowy ground, intoning qualities she intends to embody a moose-centaur in oranges and greens, wearing eight candles on her antlers

With the start of my final semester, and my thesis deadline looming a terrifying three months and change ahead, I’ve been delving deeply into Ash’s world, which has been sprawling out in all directions. Soon you will have some actual pages to take a gander at, but meanwhile have some doodles and potential secondary character designs …
Ash stares up at a looming, glaring butch lady, and is perplexed by an unintelligible book
sketchy images of cheerful, if sort of ragged/randomly-dressed young women

I think Ash’s visual design is developing nicely into something a little more coherent and unique to herself (rather than looking just like every other one of my characters) … hopefully the others will follow suit! It’s funny how one small decision can make a character explode. Once I decided to make her a reluctant, accidental sort of protagonist, she started having personality all over the place.

Soon enough there will be abandoned architecture and odd happenings. It’s a strange tale, very different from anything I’ve attempted before, and endlessly fascinating to me. I can’t wait to share it.

For the timebeing … that’s all; she’s writing. But here, have a few odd bits of illustration and such to tide you over! The season of giving is just behind us, after all.

a young blond guy yells comically, in blue pencil

A silly portrait of my baby brother, drawn for a holiday gift-mix. I should mention that he woke me up on Christmas morning with a challenge to a cardboard tube sword fight. (I’m almost twenty-nine, but I still fail to see why I should “grow up.” Well, on some levels.) Blue pencil; it didn’t seem to want inks.

a bust portrait of a young dark-skinned woman with goggles on her forehead

Quick birthday present for my wonderful friend Joyana; it’s fanart of Aylin, the protagonist from her intriguing sci-fi epic The Third Dominion. (I highly recommend the first chapter, which is available in minicomic format!)

the comic strip described below

My class had a Secret Santa art exchange at the end of the year, which was most certainly the best idea ever. I was lucky enough to pull Sasha’s name out of the hat, and so I drew him a comic strip parody about us and our … conservative heteronormative alternate-universe alter-egos (an in-joke from earlier in the semester). My favorite part of this is my third-panel portrayal of his gorgeous drag alter ego, although sadly I don’t think I quite did her justice. (I’ll just have to try again.)

Sasha’s own contribution, a gift for our instructor Jason Lutes, is well worth checking out; our entire class (plus Marlene Dietrich) drawn in the style of Jason’s acclaimed graphic novel series, Berlin! Also, I received a heart-meltingly delightful present of my own from talented classmate Romey Bensen. MERMAIDS IN SPACE. I mean really. I just about died.

a musclebound purple girl tang-dips a delighted Air Force commander

Remember this time last year, when my classmates and I embarked on a crazy two-week assembly-line-style blast to the past? It’s time for the Silver Age project again, and I’m eagerly awaiting the current first years’ contribution! Meanwhile, as a second gift for Joyana, I drew fanart of our characters Tatiana and Commander King indulging in a little tango. :) Agents of A.T.O.M. forever!

Lastly, in mid-December I finally launched my own homepage, AllieKleber.com. It’s intended primarily to serve as a point of first contact for my online presence, and a portfolio to show any prospective employers or interested parties … up to date work, process posts and other information will always be posted here! (For more-or-less realtime glimpses at art as I make it, you can always follow my tumblr, although as always, be warned: some material there is pornographic.)

Back to the drawing board! (I wish. Back to scripting. Drawing board soon!) Mwah!
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