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Long time no see!

I haven’t entirely disappeared from the internet, as you’ll know if you follow my tumblr or twitter, but I know I’ve been a bit scarce. 2014 was a difficult year, and while I hope 2015 will be an improvement, it’s off to a bit of a slow start. Financial concerns have swallowed a large portion of my time and energy, and while I certainly haven’t stopped producing work (I put out two new solo minicomics and contributed to Greg Thelen’s fantastic online anthology, 30 Minutes To Live, since I wrote here last), I’ve had to postpone my bigger plans and projects while I deal with, you know. Life stuff.

I’m not sure what the future of this blog is. Tumblr has been working very well for posting little pieces and projects as I produce them; I like dreamwidth because it’s a more conversational blogging platform, but I’m feeling less than talkative right now. We’ll see!

All that said, I’m going to post a whole minicomic’s worth of silly erotica here in a few hours, so! ;) In the meantime, enjoy my first foray into the wide world of drawing comics about cats:

a four-panel comic. panel 1: a person with short hair, glasses and boobs, wearing a knitted hat with devil horns, is sitting peacefully and clicking away at their computer. panel 2: a cat appears on the back of the couch behind them and headbutts them; they smile. ’hey cat!’ panel 3: the cat begins to walk down their chest, obscuring their face. ’Uh, cat. CAT.’ panel 4: the cat, standing on the person’s chest, fills almost the entire panel and completely fails to respond to protests. ’Sigh.’
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Hmmm. Having given this some thought, I think I'm just going to start posting comics and art here as I go. I'm probably not going to post older art, except for the Turtle Soup diary comics I've been working on for the last year or so.

Last March I decided to try doing a comic a day for a week, as an exercise. (I failed to complete any of the strips within a day, but it was still a great exercise, so I've kept working on it.) Here's the first one of those "daily" strips, though!

probably incomprehensible to non-English Majors
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Okay, I give up. I really do prefer LJ-format blogs after all . . . and clearly, dreamwidth is the place to be. I like their attitude, even though there are not so many people here yet. (Plus, my username was taken on LJ, so you know.)

Coming soon: art posts and random musings. Etc. Also real icons (I felt naked, but I'm without Photoshop here), and probably a custom header image.

(So yeah, I'm setting this blog up to replace my website! Because I don't like having it anymore, I don't know. I am nuts or something, and will wind up having to host all my art on flickr or photobucket. Well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.)


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