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Ah, so much for a promised "return" to regular posting. Apologies, friends. The last several weeks have been a mishmash of smaller assignments and various distractions from my larger comic projects; I'm looking forward to soon being able to settle into a more regular schedule with those and provide regular sneak peeks and updates.

Here's some catching up in the meantime, though.

One of my last real homework assignments for grad school was to create a four-page comic based on a dream. I selected a relatively simple one (as opposed to one of the hectic and deeply surreal mashups my brain regularly serves) in order to spend time experimenting with media and atmosphere. We were required to start from a splash page/cover containing a central image from the dream, and the first word that came to mind in relation to it.

splash page: a stream of bluebirds rise up from a monochromatic post-apocalyptic landscape. titled 'release.'

comic page: a girl looks out at a zombie-filled landscape from a workshop in a derelict house

comic page: a zombie wanders into the house, but is buried in rubble by another girl.

comic page: the girls sneak through the ruined town to a square filled with zombies, where one sets off a mysterious electronic device

comic page: the zombies transform into bluebirds and fly away, leaving the survivors staring upwards

I didn't spend much time scripting, so there are some storytelling/clarity problems, but the pencil shading was really interesting to play with, and definitely suits this setting well! Also, I "inked" with red pencil (except for the birds) on translucent vellum, laid over my original (messy) pencils, which was interesting. (The red was then changed to grayscale on the computer, natch.)

two pieces of translucent vellum laid over each other, covered with red pencil

I may experiment more with this method in the future!

Also, it's been more than a month, but I'd like to share a little of my Halloween art as well! (Some of the images that follow contain gore!)

a mermaid with huge eyes and sharp teeth hugs her long tail and grins

Not strictly holiday imagery, as I drew this for my friend Laurel's CCS Creature Cuties blog, but she's a little creepy, yeah? I like a little creepy in my cute.

I had an enjoyable evening at the annual CCS Halloween painting party again, creating decorations for White River Junction's big holiday dance!

photo of me painting a woman with tentacles dangling from her grinning mouth

line drawing & painting of a woman kissing the severed head of another woman Sailor Moon as a half-decomposed zombie, offering a familiar salute

That latter didn't get turned into a painting, to my mild relief. I feel weirdly guilty about drawing it ... need to do a better homage to my extremely common formative influence at some point!

That's all for now; apologies for being light on the words & news. There should be more very soon, I think! In the meantime, I do post to my tumblr fairly regularly, but be warned: I post suggestive, and even downright pornographic, material there regularly.

a curvy girl in an enormous ballgown asks what you're trying to protect yourself from
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