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Queer Thrills #1: “Smash & Grab”

For your reading pleasure: a goofy erotic comic about a sexy mad scientist lady and a suspiciously over-enthusiastic genderqueer superhero, which debuted in print at MICE 2014! Contains BDSM themes, including bondage and mild consent play/teasing. This content is EXPLICITLY SEXUAL in nature; definitely not safe for work! Please proceed at your own risk.

Also on Tumblr: Part One and Part Two

page one

page two

page three

page four

page five

page six

page seven

page eight

page nine

page ten

page eleven

page twelve

Drawing this was some of the most fun I had all year, so I very much hope you enjoy! I’m hoping to bring back the Queer Thrills title on occasion (probably every fall?) with more queer, speculative fiction-themed one-shot erotic comics. Stay tuned. ;)
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